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Support Request Form

Click here to fill out your online Support Request Form and begin your free support with IDCARE.  We understand people are busy and not always able to take care of these things during the day.  This Support Request Form is offered with you in mind.

  • It’s simple, quick, and free
  • The form is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week
  • You will be contacted via phone or email (your preference) by an IDCARE Identity Security Counsellor to work with you to respond to your given circumstances. The time taken to respond will be influenced by the demand for our services, but we aim to make contact within one business day. Support Request Form


IDCARE is Australia and New Zealand’s national identity & cyber support service.  We are staffed with specialist Identity & Cyber Security Counsellors and Analysts.  These staff provide professional, free and anonymous support to members of the community who believe their personal information has been put at risk in any way (online or physical). We’ve helped thousands of Australians and New Zealanders reduce the harm they experience from the compromise and misuse of their identity information by providing effective response and mitigation pathways tailored to each person’s circumstance.

Supporting Organisations

In addition to individuals, IDCARE works with leaders in business and government.  We assist organisations in a wide range of ways that are described in more detail here. IDCARE prides itself on working directly with innovative and caring companies and government organisations that value the personal information for which they hold on behalf of their customers and clients. We call these organisations our Partners, and they have the opportunity to benefit from our insights and expertise on how to prevent and respond to threats to their client, customers and staff personal information. Support offered to our Partners include:

64x64Alerts and Bulletins on the latest developments on identity and cyber security threats, trends, and market insights

64x64Personal Information Risk Assessments & Response Benchmarking

64x64Data Breach Response Planning & Testing

64x64Data Breach Harm Assessments & Post-breach Response Customer Support

64x64Connecting Customer Service Centres to IDCARE’s National Case Management Centre

64x64Undertaking innovative research and development on applied identity and cyber security problems.

Supporting the Community

You may find IDCARE services beneficial where you experience any of the following situations:

Isolated green check mark. 3d imagelost or stolen physical credentials (such as driver licences, passports, wallets, etc.)

Isolated green check mark. 3d imagecompromise of online accounts, emails, or devices/computers

Isolated green check mark. 3d imageransomware and phishing attacks

Isolated green check mark. 3d imageresponded to a telephone scam or experienced a remote access

Isolated green check mark. 3d image

unexplained account establishment, debt or entries on credit record

Isolated green check mark. 3d image

survivor of family and domestic violence and concerned about identity and digital security

Isolated green check mark. 3d image

need advice about cyberbullying and exploitation of your image

Isolated green check mark. 3d image

are Next of Kin of missing or deceased loved ones and have concerns about your loved one’s identity security

Isolated green check mark. 3d image

simply need advice about how to better protect your identity and build your cyber resilience

Our Commitment to Our Clients

IDCARE staff provides services in adherence to our Code of Conduct Policy. Our staff and volunteers are also required to comply with their relevant professional association and its Code of Ethics, such as the Australian Counselling Association, the Australian Psychology Association, and the Australian Social Worker Association. Identity & Cyber Security Counsellors must complete a rigorous induction and training program, be qualified or near qualified with one of three behavioural support professional bodies, have a police background check, a working with children check, and have successfully completed an organisational suitability assessment. If you have any feedback relating to the performance of IDCARE’s staff you may with to email the Managing Director at <>. For further information about the content of this website please refer to our Disclaimer.

IDCARE Partner Organisations

Here are some of the organisations that care enough about you to care about us…

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